May 29, 2023

13 Benefits of Health Insurance to Overcome Various Risks

Who doesn’t want to be free from the various risks that can affect our health? Of course, we all want it. In addition to making various efforts to maintain good health, such as exercising and eating nutritious foods, taking out health insurance is one way to protect your health. With this kind of protection, you can realize the benefits of health insurance.

Before further discussion, what exactly does health insurance mean?

The definition or understanding of health insurance is the coverage of insurance that covers medical, medical, or other medical costs included in the insurance policy. The insurance company then reimburses the costs incurred due to illness or injury and pays the hospitalization fee charged to the insured. The purpose of health insurance is to provide indemnity or compensation to policyholders for health-related risks.

In addition to yourself, health insurance is of course useful for your family and loved ones. Before deciding to choose the best health insurance, first know the 13 benefits of health insurance below.

1. Minimize risk

The benefits of health insurance are not limited to direct prevention of illness. However, having health insurance can minimize all the risks you face when you get sick. In addition to physical loss, the unexpected financial risks that arise when you need to be treated at great cost can be covered by health insurance.

Of course, if you have an ordinary illness that does not require treatment, you can reach the cost of treatment. But if the illness suddenly occurs and you need hospital treatment, you need to spend more. Monthly money can be used for maintenance, especially if you don’t have emergency funding.

Therefore, you can realize these benefits by taking out health insurance. Emergency funds and savings are safe because the risks are covered by insurance.

2. Gives a sense of security and calm

One of the real benefits of health insurance is that the insured can feel more at ease because they already have health insurance protection that they can use whenever they need it. Of course, if you have to get medical services to cover your sudden medical bills, you no longer have to worry about inconvenience to your family and close friends.

Psychologically you will be restless when an illness comes and your finances are disrupted. Accumulated stress and thoughts do not allow the body’s immunity to function properly. Not if you already have health insurance. You can focus on collecting energy and recovering quickly, without worrying about hospital costs. Of course, you want to take advantage of this health insurance, right?

3. Help manage spending

I am well aware that purchasing health insurance products costs you monthly to pay your insurance premiums. Therefore, you need to arrange for your health insurance budget to be paid off without reducing other fixed costs. However, this is also good because you are accustomed to making the best financial plans with the best allocation of funds.

Therefore, indirectly, paying monthly health insurance will make your monthly financial plan better and more regular. Rather than borrowing money when you get sick, it’s better to collect a little money each month and pay your insurance premiums, right?

4. Time efficiency to payment method

The variety of features and services offered by health insurance products can help you feel more efficient in terms of both time and payment methods. One of the benefits of health insurance in terms of time is that you can get immediate treatment to avoid the worst by simply presenting your insurance membership card. Products with a cashless health insurance system also help the efficiency and effectiveness of medical payments. Simply present the membership card provided by the insurance company and the hospital will immediately delegate your dependents to the insurance company.

5. Don’t bother your family

As you know, getting sick costs a lot of money. To prevent these risks, it is advisable to take out health insurance. The reason is that another benefit of health insurance is that it can reduce the financial burden on the family. Therefore, the cost of care and treatment is covered by the insurance company so that you and your family do not have to worry.

To enjoy this benefit, you can buy health insurance and life insurance that covers more risks. Life and health insurance that you should have is highly recommended, especially if you are a family earner.

6. Get the best medical benefits

The most important benefit of health insurance is that you get the best medical service depending on the amount of premium you paid. Therefore, it is very important to choose the insurance product that best suits your needs so that you can make the most of the equipment provided.

Benefits of various medical services include daily reimbursement for inpatients, daily reimbursement for ICU rooms, reimbursement for hospital transportation, reimbursement for surgery, outpatient care, etc. Includes Hospital Cash Plan (HCP) or daily cash coverage. Compensation for accidental death, general practitioner facilities, specialist services, etc.

7. Save money

Of course, sick people need treatment that is not cheap. If you do not have health insurance, the cost of caring for your illness will increase. Therefore, we can conclude that the next health insurance benefit is to save money in the event of illness.

Of course, no one wants to get sick. However, if it has already occurred, it cannot be delayed or rejected. This is where you can benefit from health insurance such as Prudential, Allianz, AXA Mandili and Manulife.

You can save money, so you can also plan the best way to manage your future finances.

8. As future “savings”

Another health insurance benefit you can get is the opportunity to make an investment and save in the future. Insurers generally have a policy of returning 100% of their funds or premiums when the insurance period expires. The terms and conditions of this are set out in their respective policies.

Therefore, health insurance can be used as a savings or future investment. I collect money every month and pay insurance premiums without realizing it. Indirectly you are not only saving or investing, but you also get a medical guarantee. If you are ill, you can pay for medical expenses and use your savings for other needs after the insurance period expires. It is interesting.

9. Avoid bankruptcy

Another benefit of health insurance is that you can avoid bankruptcy. You may think that the insurance premium is high, so I’m sorry to use it every month. Some people think that taking out health insurance can be a big loss. But believe that premiums are much cheaper than the risks you are very likely to face.

Compared to the premiums you pay each month, your current medical costs are too high. If you get sick, you may run out of savings. Even the emergency funds you have accumulated over the years will sell out instantly.

To that end, health insurance can apply the best ways to manage your finances properly and carefully.

10. Reduce the burden

Another advantage of health insurance is that you can reduce the burden. When you are ill, you have a burden. From financial burden to psychological burden. Fortunately, health insurance can cover this burden by providing compensation in the event of risk.

For example, if an illness requires long-term professional treatment, the financial burden increases. Considering the cost in the long run, the psychological burden will also increase. By taking out health insurance, the insurance company bears the cost, so the financial and psychological burden is slightly reduced.

11. Receive death compensation

In particular, those who have personal injury insurance or life insurance can receive compensation if there is a risk of personal injury or death.

In general, bereaved families are insured for their insurance claims to be submitted and approved after their family leaves the country to continue their lives.

12. Securing emergency funds

Another benefit of health insurance is that you can secure emergency funds and save money. The sooner you buy health insurance, the sooner you will receive protection. Insurance premiums paid are cheaper. This means you will save more money.

Unfortunately, many people ignore health insurance. It still feels easy and healthy. In fact, it is not possible to predict when the disease will come. Because this can suddenly attack without warning first at any time. Young and old are at the same risk of illness.

Now, the sooner you get health insurance, the less premium you will pay because the premium really depends on the level of risk you have. When you are young and healthy, you are classified as a low-risk insured, so premiums tend to be small. The benefits you can get are even greater.

13. Cover as needed

Another advantage and advantage of health insurance is that it can cover and provide insurance as needed. For example, if you need protection against the risk of hospitalization, you can choose health insurance that covers these needs. You can also choose the amount of premiums and additional benefits depending on your needs and abilities.

With just one policy, you get the protection and coverage you expect. The need for health protection is well covered.

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