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6 Types of Investment According to Global Economic Conditions Suitable for Teenagers

1. Gold

To date, gold investment remains a popular investment in society. Gold is also suitable for investors who prefer low risk factors and are resistant to inflation. Compared to other investments, gold investments are classified as easy-to-clear investments.

2. Time Deposit

Deposit investments are suitable for novice investors who still want a low risk of loss. It looks like savings, but you can choose to deposit for a certain period of time, so you can’t pay the saved money before maturity. Interest from banks is also higher than regular savings, which can be a profitable investment option.

3. Investment Trust

This investment is suitable for investors with a small amount of capital that can be made from 50,000, so it should be heard well. In investment trust investment, investment funds collected from investors are managed by investment management companies. The risk of loss or profit is shared equally among all investors.

The amount of profit or risk you get depends on the type of trust you choose. Therefore, be sure to select the right investment company from the beginning. The company is already reputed and reliable.

4. Government Bonds

Known as government bonds, this investment is one of the most attractive investment tools for the general public. Government bond benefits not only for the benefit of the country, but also for both individual and corporate investors or buyers.

This investment is suitable for those who have low capital and do not want to take great risks. There are many types such as Indonesian Retail Bonds (ORI), Retail Savings Bonds (SBR), Retail Rates, State Savings Sukuk and more. You need to update your order schedule to make a purchase.

5. Inventory

Equity investment is proof that the company also contains capital. You don’t need a lot of capital to invest in stocks or prove ownership of a company or entity.

As the owner of the company, you receive regular dividends. You can get unlimited profits, but stock prices can go up and down at any time, so the risk of investing in stocks is very high.

6. Properties

Investing in real estate requires a great deal of capital as it requires maintenance and high tax costs.

But behind the big capital, land and housing prices are constantly rising every year, so this investment promises great returns. In addition, real estate value movements are less sensitive than equity investments, so real estate risk is lower. Unfortunately, the sale is time consuming and the property cannot be liquidated quickly.

Choose your investment wisely and according to your needs and abilities. Investment doesn’t have to be just money. According to Fellexandro Ruby, there are two concepts in financial planning. The first is defense, where we use the income we have to prepare for investment and self-defense for the future. The second is an attack. Here you will find ways to improve your skills and choose investments to increase your income.

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