May 29, 2023

Find Out The Benefits of Car Insurance Before You Buy It!

You already have a car, but haven’t insured it yet? This may be the right time for you to quickly find the best car insurance. So why do you need to rush to car insurance? What are the benefits of car insurance?

For some people, car / car insurance is not so important as they can drive the car carefully to avoid accidents. Needless to say, managing car insurance claims is difficult and complicated to get the money you need. However, this assumption is not entirely true, as it is quick and easy to file a claim as long as all car insurance documents and conditions are met.

Before we move on, what exactly is car insurance? As we know, car insurance is a type of protection or protection product that can guarantee the loss, damage and loss of your car due to the risk of falling on your favorite car. Of course, this will answer the question “Do you need car insurance?” Or “Is car insurance important?” Because car insurance is certainly important because the benefits of car insurance are not only compensation in the event of an accident, but also maintenance costs.

We really don’t know what might happen in the future. To that end, it is also important to protect against various risks, such as the risk of loss and damage, in this case the risk of the car. Well, you definitely don’t want your car to be unlucky without protection, even if you’ve worked hard to save until you take installments to own it?

Car insurance benefits by product type

In general, an example of a car insurance type consists of a total loss only (TLO) car insurance and an all risk (comprehensive) car insurance. So what are the goals and benefits of car insurance? The benefits of car insurance depending on the types of products on the market are:

Car insurance benefits for total loss only (total loss / TLO car insurance)

In addition to protection guarantees, the cost of TLO car insurance is also cheaper than all risk car insurance. You can also save on financial costs at a modest cost. As an example, the car insurance premium for Tugu Pratama Indonesia or Tugu Insurance is paid per month. It is offered at an affordable price from $2.5. Therefore, if you have a used car under the age of 10, we recommend that you purchase TLO car insurance instead of all risk car insurance.

All risk car insurance benefits (combined / comprehensive)

All-risk car insurance, also known as comprehensive or compound car insurance, is endorsed by a variety of groups, from millennials to adults. The reason is that the advantage of all risk car insurance is that it comprehensively covers the risk of small or large damages. You can also flexibly expand the range of risk of damage, such as the risk of natural disasters and riots.

What Is All Risk Car Insurance Cost?

Due to the comprehensive coverage of all risk car insurance benefits, the premiums you have to pay each year are higher than TLO car insurance and range from 1.05 to 4.2% (depending on car and regional prices). .. However, the amount is still reasonable, so don’t worry. For example, all risk car insurance BCA life insurance costs start with a monthly $15.

The insurance protection provided is more complete, but it should be remembered that all risk insurance protection is only valid for one year. Therefore, all risk car insurance is suitable for new cars, such as cars that were just manufactured or purchased in the same year.

11 General car insurance benefits

As with life insurance benefits that protect you from a variety of risks, owning a car insurance generally also provides your property (in this case a four-wheeled vehicle) with comprehensive benefits such as:

1. We will bear the cost of repairing the car in case of damage

The most common advantage of vehicle insurance or car insurance is to protect the car owner from loss by covering the cost of necessary repairs, including damages from wrongdoing, fires in the ride, and other consequences. is. Insurers have typically collaborated with various workshops, both in accredited workshops or partners in different regions of Indonesia. As long as the documents included are complete, insurance claims can be made promptly by issuing an SPK (Working Instruction) to the workshop on the same day after reporting the claim.

2. Protect your car from the risk of accidents

Certainly, you don’t want to have a traffic accident such as a collision while driving. But for early protection, car insurance is very important for you to have. Therefore, post-accident vehicle repair can be replaced by the relative magnitude of the type of damage. This protection also covers damage from collisions, impacts, falls and slips until the vehicle falls.

3. Provides protection in case of loss due to theft

The risk of losing a car due to theft can occur to anyone, anywhere. You can get car insurance benefits by exchanging new units depending on the car insurance products you have. In the process of filing a claim for a lost car, you can support it with CCTV evidence and other evidence. In addition, the evidence can be used as a resource for reporting to the police as an authority.

4. Support financial planning and reduce costs

Do you want to lose because you risk losing the potential for loss? In addition, such sudden costs are often dizzy because pre-prepared fiscal spending plans can be disrupted if savings are limited and emergency funds are in short supply. Therefore, protect your favorite car with insurance. Taking out car insurance frees you from the additional costs that you have to incur at any time. Therefore, the financial costs you have planned will not be disturbed and your financial position will be more stable.

5. Gives calm and peace of mind

Another benefit of car insurance that you can feel is that you don’t have to worry about the costs you incur anymore as you cover it based on the policies covered by car insurance. You will feel calm and secure, and you will no longer have to worry or worry while driving. If something you don’t want happens, you’re already protected. However, always remember to be careful when driving for the safety of yourself and other road users.

6. Offering benefits as well as car insurance products

Auto insurance also provides maximum protection against accidents experienced with legal assistance if the accident involves a third party. Additional benefits in the form of life insurance are also offered as a complement by some insurance companies. You can also get various bonuses by purchasing insurance, such as e-toll bonuses, fuel vouchers and other attractive prizes, depending on the insurance company’s regulations.

7. Benefits of additional service features

Some companies offer car insurance benefits with a variety of additional service features that are very helpful to all urgent needs. For example, a towing facility that is useful when there is a risk of running out of fuel or a flat tire. There is also a workshop work guarantee to a hotline facility that you can call 24 hours a day, which can help solve emergency problems in your car.

8. No third party responsibility

With car insurance, you don’t have to worry about the burden of an accident even once. The reason is that you only have to pay for yourself and cover the damage to your car. But if there are other parties who “engage” you in the accident without paying too much attention so that you have to endure it, that’s another story.

A good car insurance with a complete package is not only self-financing, but also third-party financing. So your burden will be lighter. Third-party coverage is usually included in additional insurance products (riders). So you don’t have to pay for a third party involved in the accident. Start with repairs and medical expenses and leave it to insurance.

9. No additional charge

Car damage can be caused not only by traffic accidents, but also by chaotic vandalism (destruction) from natural disasters such as earthquakes, landslides and floods. If you do not prepare protection against such things, you can lose it. It can be given using the best insurance benefits for the car, including additional protection from natural disasters and other seriously endangered accidents.

10. Become a great investment tool

Few people realize that using Allianz, Koala, BCA, etc. is like investing. why is that? The reason is that insurance not only protects and guarantees assets, but also acts as a place of savings. In the long run, car insurance helps keep car prices at their highest levels by protecting different components from different fatal damages. Of course, this also affects the selling price if you want to sell it someday.

11. Overcome price cuts

Every year, the selling price of the vehicle goes down. However, the expansion of car insurance, that is, the replacement of auto parts that have fallen due to damage, can stabilize the selling price of vehicles from a significant drop. BCA auto insurance and the like usually protect damaged auto parts and replace them with new ones.

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