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Myths and Facts About Investment Then How to Start Investing?

Many beginners are still hesitant to start investing due to various issues and perceptions that are not always true. Although the investment is here to provide a convenient way to manage your financial situation and anticipate the undesired things in life.

As long as we understand the pros and cons of that means and investment, you don’t have to worry about getting started.

What is Myths About Investment

1. Investing Requires a Lot of Capital

In fact, you can actually invest from 100,000 numbers! Trustees can be an initial investment option for beginners.

2. Investing is a Big Risk

You can adjust the risk level of your investment based on the type of product you are investing in. The higher the risk, the higher the profits that can be achieved.

3. Lots of Investment Fraud

There is a lot of news in the media about fraudulent investments that lead to fraud. As a novice investor, we recommend choosing an investment manager certified and registered by OJK. This makes the law and regulation legitimate.

Don’t assume that “high returns in the short term” are promised, as the investment is a marathon and long term.

4. Starting an Investment is Complicated

Today, many Fintech (Financial Technology) companies and marketplaces offer features for easy investment. It is enough to invest a minimum amount of money and you can withdraw at any time.

In addition, as I explained, there is a lot of information about investing, starting with the type, how to get started, good and bad, myths and facts. You simply change your perception and believe that what you invest in will give you a beneficial benefit.

How to Start Investment?

There are different economic needs and demands for different age levels. Therefore, investment product selection should be done carefully according to age and needs.

As a novice investor, you can do three things:

1. Create long-term plans and goals

By knowing when you want to make a profit, you will know how much money you should spend and what kind of investment product you should take.

2. Set the amount of funds you want to invest

The percentage of funds available for investment ranges from 20% to 40% of income. You need to make sure that your key needs are met before investing.

3. Select investment products according to your financial goals

Choose a risky investment product that suits your personality, your abilities and your funding.

According to Fellexandro Ruby, a young entrepreneur and dream-seeking mentor, there are two types of investment for millennial beginners.

First: Investing in real or tangible assets other than the financial sector, such as gold and land, and in assets such as rental apartments.

Second: Financial assets in the financial sector with a commitment to link assets to securities issued by issuers. Examples of stocks, deposits, bonds, etc.

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