May 29, 2023

Usually What is Loan for Cost of Living Students

Some of you may still feel unfamiliar with the term student loan or loan for student. The student loan itself is a loan scheme related to the cost of education made to go to college. Usually the loan for student is included in the cost of living as well.

This education loan can be paid after a student graduates from college or after they work. The repayment itself can be through an installment program whose amount has been adjusted to the salary of the borrower. To find out more about what a loan for student is, you need to read the review below to the end.

What is Loan for Student?

The term loan for student appeared around 1840. At that time, educational credit was offered at Harvard University in the United States. But the tuition fee loan program was only officially offered by the United States to students in 1958 under the National Defense Education Act.

At that time only students at the high school level and those who excel in science, mathematics, engineering and foreign languages ​​or those who wanted to become teachers would be offered scholarships, grants and educational loans.

Currently, many countries have started implementing student loan schemes or loans for these students, including Germany, France, England, New Zealand, and even the State of Indonesia has also begun to implement it.

The Government of Indonesia has officially provided education loans for students who want to continue their studies at the tertiary level. President Joko Widodo himself through the ministry of research, technology and higher education has conveyed his support for carrying out the program.

Where a digital payment company focused on education became the first company supported by the Indonesian government to launch student loans in Indonesia itself.

The credit scheme does sound lucrative and beneficial for students who have difficulty meeting their education costs, however, education credit will indirectly become a burden in the future if the borrower is not able to manage their finances properly and pay off their debts.

By using the loan for student funds, you will no longer need to delay education. You also don’t have to worry about lack of funds to study in the major you really want. Because with the loan for students, you can immediately continue your education after graduating from school.

That way of course you will be much faster in achieving your goals. Just studying at Ghost University will whitewash you in getting the job you want. This is because higher education will open up much greater opportunities in a career.

The point here is that a loan for student will make it easier for you to get a much higher education. You don’t have to delay your education. Some loan for student education loan programs offer disbursement of funds up to hundreds of millions. Well, that’s what can be explained about Loans for Students that you need to know. For those of you who want to understand more about these loans, you can read this article.

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