May 29, 2023

What is And How Important Smartphone Insurance For Safety Gadget?

In the age of digitalization, mobile phones and smartphones have become inseparable in our daily lives. The reason is that most aspects of life are connected to these objects.

Imagine that one day, without a cell phone or smartphone, it would definitely affect your work and many other activities.

So it’s not surprising that Mobile has become a valuable object to be treated properly. One of them is to buy mobile phone insurance (HP).

This insurance also provides insurance benefits that provide compensation in the event of physical injury or loss.

So, in conclusion, it’s important to have Mobile insurance, especially if your cell phone is very expensive. But let’s get back to our potential customer needs.

Risks not covered by mobile phone insurance

It’s important to understand in advance that Mobile or smartphone insurance does not cover all risks. These exceptions are:

  • Damage caused by intentional acts
  • Damage due to normal wear or gradual failure
  • Self-repair or repair damage at an informal service center
  • Loss due to own negligence (theft or robbery)
  • Damage covered by the official warranty of the smartphone brand
  • Replacement of smartphone accessories
  • Replace the software or power supply included in your smartphone
  • Other exceptions listed in mobile or smartphone insurance policies

Benefits of mobile and smartphone insurance

Many argue that you don’t need to insure your cell phone as long as you can get the guarantee. As long as you have a mobile phone, you can run the risk of damage at any time. If it is damaged, you will need to buy a new one. Therefore, it is important to insure your favorite mobile phone.

So what are the benefits you can get if you have mobile insurance? To find out, take a look at the following review:

1. Give calm

Like any type of insurance, smartphone insurance, of course, gives owners a sense of security. This sense of security is important because you can’t leave your cell phone for everyday activities.

It’s not impossible for your phone to be damaged or lost. By insuring your cell phone, at least you can calm down a little.

2. Protect the phone unit

Mobile phones are very susceptible to shocks and scratches. In severe cases, this cause can cause further damage, such as defective motherboard and screen.

Mobile insurance can help minimize this. It is rarely covered by the warranty, especially because the motherboard and screen are damaged.

3. Recover valuable data

Smartphone insurance can protect valuable data as well as physical protection. Imagine the amount of data stored on your mobile phone. Of course you will be confused.

But thanks to this insurance, you can protect all your data and recover it if it is lost. Examples of such data include call lists, photos and videos, and sound files.

4. Replacing a new mobile phone

If you have smartphone insurance, you will be covered if your mobile phone is lost or completely damaged. Of course, not all can be covered, so the reimbursement standard must be stated in the insurance policy. As with mobile phone types, there are mobile phone types and types that can be exchanged.

5. Save money

The premium for insuring a cell phone is actually cheaper than buying a new cell phone. Many people are against paying premiums because they have to do it every month. In fact, this makes it easier to be alert when your cell phone is damaged.

Imagine if you suddenly have to spend a lot of money to buy a new cell phone. Exactly with smartphone insurance, you can save on these costs. If you don’t currently have insurance to protect your cell phone or smartphone, now is the best time to start using it.

6. Additional protection in addition to the warranty provided

The last benefit you can feel when you have your cell phone or smartphone insurance is that you can still be protected even after the warranty period has expired. As you know, the warranty period of the mobile phone given when you first purchase it is limited.

Usually only one applies. However, if you have mobile phone insurance, even if the warranty period expires, you will be protected if you pay the premium regularly according to the agreed period.

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